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Fritz Höger Prize 2014 for Brick Architecture

In demand: the best brick buildings

The Initiative Bauen mit Backstein (Brick Building Initiative) is presenting the “Fritz Höger Award 2014 for Brick Architecture”. The architecture prize will be awarded for the third time and again honours special architectural achievements in brick construction.



The Brick Building Initiative presents the Fritz Höger Award 2014 for Brick Architecture to architects who take advantage of the architectural potential offered by brick, the traditional building material, to create modern and timeless buildings. Brick has become a generic term for façade bricks made from fired clay that are also known as facing bricks and clinkers. The Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture, awarded for the first time in 2008, is presented every three years and is now one of the major architecture prizes in Germany with more than 340 national and international entries being submitted most recently.


We are on the look out for properties with building envelopes, whose designs integrate economic, ecological and artistic aspects for their complete planning requirement with the latter feature expressing itself in key words such as uniformity vs. details, façade structure, colour, craftmanship quality, etc.


Have you planned a building with a façade that incorporates this in its context and at the same time stands out because of it? Does your architecture make a good impression with its functionality and surprise people with its creativity? The Brick Building Initiative is looking forward to seeing your entry!


Projects in the following categories will win an award:


Additional awards will also be presented in the following areas:

Prizes and awards

The competition is worth a total of 10,000 euros. The prize money is structured as follows:


It is left for the jury to decide whether to distribute the prize money in a way that differs from this structure.

Competition and decision

It is up to an independent expert jury to assess the properties submitted, the members of which are appointed by the Brick Building Initiative. The jury meeting is held in camera. After the decision has been made, the winners will be informed. The award ceremony will be held in Berlin in the autumn of 2014


The high-calibre jury is made up of the following people:

Terms and conditions of participation

Architects, architect associations and architect/engineer associations are eligible to take part if they are the intellectual owners of the buildings submitted. The entries have to meet the following conditions:


1. Façade: Buildings with a façade made from brick are accepted. The façade with this type of design has a visual appeal.


2. Completion: As of 1st January 2009. Properties that have already been submitted for the Fritz Höger Award 2011 can be submitted again as long as they were completed after 1st January 2009 and were not nominated for the Fritz Höger Award 2011.


The participation documents can be submitted online at: or by post.


Extended closing date for entries: 16th May 2014.
The date of the postmark applies for postal entries.


Please note: Only documents that are complete and have been submitted on time can be taken into account in the jury’s decision. Participation is free of charge. There are also no costs resulting from the publication of the competition entries.

Application documents

In the following you will find the complete application documents with information how to submitt your entries.

Application documents