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How is it done?

Below are examples of how to prepare your submission.


You can submit your entry for the 2017 Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture by post or directly online. Ideally, it will contain the following documents:




  • Description of the project (scope: 800 to 3,000 characters incl. spaces.)
  • Project details: Location, principal, architect etc.
  • Brief CV of the architect(s) involved (in bullet points)




  • 4 to 12 informative photographs of the property
  • Floor plan, elevations and any detailed plans and sketches


Note: when submitting by post,
it must be possible to submit the image data
in digital format in the event of a nomination
for the 2017 Fritz Höger Award.

Online Submission

If you are using online submission, simply follow the instructions to register your project(s). Once you have entered all of the required information and have uploaded plans and sketches, you can complete your entry.


The system then automatically generates a registration form containing a clearly laid-out summary of your entry. You will receive this form in a confirmation e-mail once your online entry has been submitted successfully.


Tip: the jury uses your registration form to help arrive at its decision. You should therefore use high-quality photographs and descriptions that document your submitted properties as effectively as possible. More detailed instructions on how to submit entries online can be found in the tender documents.


Submission by post

As an alternative to a purely online submission, you can also enter your data – or exclusively – by post. Prepare your submission as follows:


  • Format: A4 cards in portrait format.
  • Sequence: informative cover sheet (name and photograph of the project), project description, project details, further photographs, floor plan, elevations / detailed plans and sketches.
  • Labelling: if you have registered your project(s) online, you will receive a personalised code label. This will enable us to assign your post submission with your entry. Cut out the label in accordance with the markings and apply it to the top right-hand corner of the reverse of all A4 cards (see example).
  • Alternatively to A4 cards, registered participants can also upload their data online, create a form, print it out with the uploaded image material and send it through the post. To do this, select the “Submit by post” option during online registration.
  • Neutrality: the A4 cards should be submitted as neutrally as possible, i.e. bear no details of the architect and brick manufacturer.

Project data sheet