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Wanted: The best Buildings made from Brick

BONN. The Brick Building Initiative is awarding the “2017 Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture”. This is the fourth such award of the architecture prize, which honours outstanding architectural achievements in constructions made from brick.


Foto © Tim van de Velde

Foto © Tim van de Velde

With the 2017 Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture, the Brick Building Initiative is recognising architects who use the potential of this traditional building material to create contemporary as well as timeless constructions. Brick is regarded as the umbrella term for façade masonry baked from clay that also bears names such as facing bricks and clinker bricks. The Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture, which was first awarded in 2008, is conferred every three years, and with more than 500 national and international submissions, is now one of Germany’s biggest architecture prizes.


The jury is looking for properties with building shells that incorporate economic, ecological and design-related aspects into their overall planning. These design-related aspects are expressed in key words such as uniformity vs. detailed structures, façade combinations, use of colour, craftsmanship quality etc.


Have you planned a building with a façade that integrates the building into its surroundings while at the same time setting it apart? Does your architecture impress with its functionality and surprise with its creativity? The Brick Building Initiative looks forward to receiving your entry!



Projects in the following categories will be eligible for a prize:


  • Single-family homes / semi-detached houses
  • Apartment blocks / multi-storey apartments
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Public buildings, leisure and sport


Additional prizes will also be awarded in the following fields:


  • Energy efficiency
  • Renovation / sustainability
  • Young talent / newcomer

Prizes and rewards

The competition prize money is EUR 10,000. The prize money is tiered as follows:


Grand Prix winner: EUR 3,000


Gold winners: EUR 1,000 per category


The jury has the right to decide whether to change the distribution of the prize money.

Competition and decision

The submitted properties will be assessed by an independent panel of professionals, the members of which will be appointed by the Brick Building Initiative. The jury will convene in private. Winners will be notified once the decision has been made. The award ceremony will be held in Berlin in the autumn of 2017.


The names of the members of the high-calibre jury will be announced shortly.

Conditions of entry

The competition is open to architects, architect groups and architect / engineer groups who are the intellectual property owners of the constructions submitted. The entries must meet the following requirements:


1. Façades: Constructions with a brick front façade are permitted. This type of façade must also achieve a particular architectural effect.


2. Completion: after 1 January 2012. Projects that were previously entered for the Fritz Höger Award in 2014 may be re-submitted, provided they were completed after 1 January 2012 and were not nominated for the Fritz Höger Award in 2014. The documentation for entry can be submitted online at or by post.


Closing date: 15 May 2017.


When submitting by post, the date of the postage stamp will serve as proof.


Note: Only complete documents submitted before the deadline can be considered by the jury. Participation is free of charge. There are also no additional costs for the publication of your competition entries.

Tender documents

Below you will find all of the tender documents along with instructions on how to submit them in a downloadable format.

Tender Documents